Music Made on thursdays by Semyon Pinkhasov

Music made on Thursdays, 2003

Music Made on Thursdays illustrates a history of the Moscow Youth Music Club, which was organized for young people in 1965 at the House of Soviet Composers and is one of the most interesting cultural and musical centers in the city. Since its inception in 1965 until today, the Moscow Youth Music Club convenes every Thursday for seminars, lectures and concerts led by a composer Grigory Frid (born 1915), its founder and principal organizer. For the Soviet “Sixties’ generation” it was the only place, where young people would participate in free discussions about Western art and music - subject matters that were prohibited elsewhere by the authoritarian regime of the USSR. The Club became extremely popular in 1970s among masses of young people, who would come several hours earlier in order to get into the hall.

This film documents a history of a generation through the history of the Moscow Youth Music Club, along with asking essential questions about declining popularity of classical music among contemporary youth.