I am not Giordano Bruno by Semyon Pinkhasov

I am not Giordano Bruno, 2006

What do you think of a man who is famous, talented and influential; a man who met most interesting people of 20th century and who celebrated his 106th birthday in 2006 with several shots of brandy? You may say he is a lucky man… Well, not so...

Hitler gave a special order to kill him; Stalin killed his brother and kept him guessing about his own fate. This man is Boris Efimov, a prominent Soviet cartoonist and propaganda artist Boris Efimov, legendary for his political caricatures, which helped to stoke morale among Russian troops during World War II, and who was targeting American capitalism during the Cold War era. He produced more than 70 000 drawings during 108 years of his life.

This documentary is about his life and his work. Through Efimov’s eyes, we will meet many of the famous and infamous men, who shaped the history of the 20th century. This film is a tapestry of events focusing on the power of cartoons in the political life of the society; how caricatures are being used for propaganda, wars, and manipulation of people’ mind..